FCC FINES PURPLE $11.9 MILLION FOR ABUSE OF TRS FUND.   Company Registered Over 40,000 False Names, Improperly Collecting Millions Dedicated to Providing Phone Service to People with Hearing and Speech Disabilities.  News Release. News Media Contact: Will Wiquist at (202) 418-0509, email: Will.Wiquist@fcc.gov  EB


Released:  12/18/2015.  REQUEST FOR COMMENT ON PETITION FOR RULEMAKING FILED BY IDT TELECOM, INC., REGARDING INTERSTATE TELECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY SERVICE FUND CONTRIBUTION. (DA No.  15-1453). (Dkt No 03-123 ).  CGB . Contact:  Gregory Hlibok at (202) 559-5158 (voice/videophone) or email: Gregory.Hlibok@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Michael Snyder


PETITION FOR WAIVER OF RULES REQUIRING SUPPORT OF TTY TECHNOLOGY; CELLULAR SOUTH.   Grants Cellular South a temporary limited waiver of the Commission’s requirements to support text telephony technology on wireless networks to the extent that they use Internet Protocol technologies. (Dkt No.  15-178 ). Action by:  Acting Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Chiefs, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted:  12/18/2015 by ORDER. (DA No. 15-1458).  CGB