STRUCTURE AND PRACTICE OF THE VIDEO RELAY SERVICE PROGRAM; TELECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY SERVICES AND SPEECH-TO-SPEECH SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH HEARING AND SPEECH DISABILITIES.   Amends the telecommunication relay service (TRS) rules to incorporate by reference certain technical standards for the interoperability and portability of services, equipment, and software used for video relay service (VRS). (Dkt No.  10-51 03-123 ). Action by:  Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. Adopted:  01/17/2017 by R&O/NPRM. (DA No. 17-76).  CGB

 FCC WHITE PAPER / CYBERSECURITY RISK REDUCTION.   The White Paper describes the risk reduction portfolio of the current FCC and suggests actions to affirmatively reduce cyber risk in a manner that incents competition, protects consumers, and reduces significant national security risks. Action by:  Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau by REPORT.  OCHTW PSHSB