TRANSITION FROM TTY TO REAL-TIME TEXT TECHNOLOGY; PETITION FOR RULEMAKING TO UPDATE THE COMMISSION’S RULES FOR ACCESS TO SUPPORT THE TRANSITION FROM TTY TO REAL-TIME TEXT TECHNOLOGY AND PETITION FOR WAIVER OF THE RULES REQUIRING SUPPORT FOR TTY TECHNOLOGY.   Amended the rules to facilitate a transition from text telephone (TTY) technology to real-time text (RTT) as a reliable and interoperable universal text solution over wireless Internet protocol (IP) networks for people with hearing and speech disabilities. (Dkt No.  16-145 15-178 ). Action by:  the Commission. Adopted:  12/15/2016 by R&O/NPRM. (FCC No. 16-169).  WTB PSHSB CGB

FCC CLEARS PATH FOR TRANSITION FROM TTY TECHNOLOGY TO REAL-TIME TEXT.   Commission Moves Toward Modernizing Wireless Phone Text Compatibility.  News Release. Adopted:  12/15/2016. News Media Contact: Will Wiquist at (202) 418-0509, email:  CGB

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