Who is Rolka Loube?

We’re a team of passionate people who believe everyone should have access to the government services they need. Get to know who we are and how we plan to accomplish our goal.

Our Mission

Rolka Loube advances the common good by improving the quality of services to the  public, especially disadvantaged populations, through its client-focused assistance to governments in providing services more efficiently and effectively.

Our Team of Key Personnel

Dave W. Rolka, Owner/President

Qualifications Summary: 

Dave is a nationally recognized advisor and consultant on regulatory matters and policy. As a current leader and a former Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Dave has  shared his knowledge and experience to develop a  team that understands the regulatory landscape and its application to fund administration. Keeping in mind the perspective of utilities and the objectives of commissions to ensure constituents are represented, Dave’s organization is trusted by industry groups and the FCC. 

Dave is a former member of the Board of Directors of the National Regulatory Utility Commissioners ( NARUC), the National Regulatory  Institute (NRRI), and Director of Operations of the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate for policy and matters regarding telecommunications and energy. Dave has served as president and CEO for Rolka Loube since its inception, growing the business and providing executive oversight and strategic leadership to all of its operations.

Commitment to Equality:

“My entire professional career has been predicated on the belief that government is a service institution and I have been committed to improving that service. RL was founded based on that challenge.”

Robert Loube, PHD, Owner/Vice-President

Qualifications Summary: 

Bob has been a leader in the major discussions and changes that have transformed the regulatory landscape over the last 35 years. He has worked at the federal and state levels focusing on the use of economic and embedded cost analyses to determine rates and subsidy levels and developing mechanisms that allocate universal service support among states and carriers. As an expert, Bob has testified on a range of telecommunications issues, including rate design, incremental cost studies, mergers, and tests for the existence of competition. As an individual that is relied on in several states to provide testimony and perspective regarding Universal Service Funds, High-Cost support and other telecommunication and energy related issues. 

As an individual that has been associated with the industry across the country over the past 40 years and seen the evolution of the wireless industry and the impacts of Universal Service Funds nationwide, Bob understands the impacts of each program and brings this perspective as an economist and regulatory expert to the calculation of rates and other considerations of funds managed by Rolka Loube. 

Commitment to Equality: 

“I am very lucky.  I am the co-owner of a company dedicated to enhancing the public interest.  I never imagined that this could happen.  It is my desire to make sure that our company grows and continues to help government agencies help all Americans.”

Sean Bull, Chief Operating Officer

Sean Bull, Chief Operating Officer

Qualifications Summary: 

Sean has a proven state fund management and operational efficiency track record. Having served the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for more than 12 years, he was responsible for rate making, policy analysis and performance, and ensuring the compliance with all SLAs internally and with external vendors.  He streamlined the operations to far exceed National Quality Review standards and served as an operations mentor for other state agencies and other states.  As an expert, he was chair of the College Savings Plan Network’s national operations committee and helped other states standardize their operations into repeatable and measurable plans that focused on reducing waste.  He brought this experience to Rolka Loube to ensure the programs under our management operate as defined by legislation and closely monitor them for potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

Commitment to Equality:

“When considering my place as a professional, it is important for me to serve in a role that benefits the community and provides access to individuals that otherwise might be excluded.  As a former public servant, it’s important for me to make access to services as easy and understandable as possible for the community.  Ensuring that the programs operate efficiently and effectively guarantees that the services are available for those in need.”

Mary Beth O'Hara Osborne, General Counsel

Mary Beth Osbourne

Qualifications Summary: 

Mary Beth serves as both the General Counsel of Rolka Loube and as the manager of its Business Development team. She is responsible for legal compliance and overseeing business growth efforts. She has extensive state government, public utility and infrastructure regulatory management experience. Mary Beth served in the administration of five Pennsylvania Attorney’s General and participated in many notable legal cases within the Commonwealth, several of which were cases of first impression. Additionally, she has served on numerous non-profit boards and councils.

Commitment to Equality:

“From childhood I was admonished that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ Thus, from the inception of my legal career, I sought positions in public service because I believed it was through that work that I could accomplish the most good. Joining the Rolka Loube team is an extension of my public service efforts because this company seeks to assist government agencies in soundly administering their programs for the benefit of their constituents.”

Government Experience Within Rolka Loube

Rolka Loube leadership leverages 200 collective years of government experience to provide superior customized program administration including guidance, eligibility determination, fund management, and other services while securely managing and analyzing data to provide actionable insight. 

In addition to our key personnel noted, our staff consists of highly qualified professionals with the necessary expertise to make us successful. Below highlights our staff’s state and federal experience:

About Us

We’re a team of passionate people who believe everyone should have access to the telecommunications and broadband services they need. Get to know who we are and how we plan to accomplish our goal.