Spring 2021 Meeting Details

The following information is intended to provide you with everything you will need to successfully participate in the upcoming virtual Fall meeting of the TRS Fund Advisory Committee.

The meeting will take place on Thursday April 15, 2021 and will begin at 11:00 ET. All members and observers are requested to follow the Communication Rules in the document posted below. These are the rules we intend to follow for the conduct of the meeting and ask that you review them in advance. The Rules are intended to help maintain order and ensure that we can allow for everyone’s constructive participation in the meeting.

We anticipate that there may be technical issues as we begin the meeting, and we appreciate your effort to connect to the meeting on time, so that we can address any unanticipated technical issues and get the meeting started, and ultimately completed as scheduled. The document below contains the information for joining the meeting as well as information on the “hand raising tool” that we will be using for the meeting. The tool will be used throughout the meeting for answering questions as the meeting proceeds based on the Chairman recognizing whomever has raised their hand using the tool, as well as those appearing in the chat section of the meeting. Please mute your microphones and keep your cameras off during the meeting, until recognized.

PDF Document Icon Communication Rules and Meeting Information

Posted below is the agenda for the meeting.

PDF Document Icon TRS Advisory Council Meeting Agenda – April 2021

Links to the presentation information is below.

PDF Document Icon TRS Advisory Council Rates and Demand Forecast Presentation – April 2021

PDF Document Icon Andrew Fay Bio