Our History

Rolka Loube is a well-established consulting firm specializing in the administration of federal and state programs. Federal and state agencies have been entrusting their multi-million- and billion-dollar fund administration programs to Rolka Loube and its predecessor organization since January 2000. Founded by David Rolka upon leaving his position as a Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, Rolka Loube has become a fund administration firm highly regarded for its integrity, responsiveness, accuracy, and fair pricing.

Our Owners

David W. Rolka, President

Former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, David W. Rolka, draws on a wide range of experience in utility issues. He experienced, during his more than twenty years in the regulation of investor owned utilities, the Three Mile Island accident, the breakup of AT&T, legislative changes in traditional and alternative regulation as well as the restructuring of the electric, natural gas, and telecommunications utility industries.

Dr. Robert Loube, Vice President

Dr. Robert Loube has participated in the major discussions and changes that have transformed the regulatory landscape over the last 35 years. His work at the federal and state levels has focused on the use of economic and embedded cost analyses to determine rates and subsidy levels. He has developed mechanisms that allocate universal service support among states and carriers. He has testified on a range of telecommunications issues, including rate design, incremental cost studies, mergers, and tests for the existence of competition. He also has testified on electric utility issues such as rate design, least cost planning, and the financial viability of electric utilities. In addition, he has worked to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation among federal and state agencies with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) staff subcommittee on telecommunications and with various federal-state joint boards.

Our Services

Rolka Loube offers a wide variety of public utility regulation services. We design, implement, and administer programs and funds for both federal and state commissions. We also provide expert testimony before state public utility commissions and prepare comments that are filed in federal agency proceedings.

Our Expertise

Rolka Loube’s principals and staff bring decades of experience and expertise including:

  • Designing, implementing, and securely administering federal and state universal service funds
  • Analyzing the competitive status of regulated markets
  • Developing rate designs that allow for competition among utilities and that protect consumers where competition does not exist
  • Providing expert testimony on behalf of public agencies
  • Drafting orders in regulatory proceedings
  • Developing custom database applications to compliment traditional accounting packages
  • Securely maintaining customer data and information through our protected infrastructure and physical environment

Our Quality

The goal of Rolka Loube is to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Here at Rolka Loube, we know that maintaining the integrity and quality of our work is paramount to the continued success of our business. Our communication with our clients is a hallmark of our services, and our resources are scalable to meet our clients’ needs.

Rolka Loube relies on the quality of the work being performed by our staff on a daily basis. Since 2011, Rolka Loube has maintained a successful near zero-error rate under the requirements of the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act (IPERIA). Our work has been audited by internal and independent auditors for generally accepted accounting principles for government entities, as defined by the Government Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standard Board, and an adverse finding has never been reported.

Rolka Loube is not affiliated with any regulated utility entity.