Past Performance

As the incumbent administrator of the federal Interstate Telecommunications Relay Service fund, we have greatly improved its administration over the past 11 years. Here are some of those improvements:

  • Before Rolka Loube administration, 26 providers had been convicted of defrauding the program, putting it “at risk.” With our suggested quality controls, the fund has been removed from the “at risk” category  designated by the Federal Office of Management and Budget.
  • Our pricing recommendations based on past and future analysis resulted in a per-unit reduction in the compensation rate.
  • We developed multiple secure databases and custom applications that, combined with our staff’s comprehensive understanding of the Telecommunication Relay Service business, also allow us to identify potentially fraudulent claims.
  • We adjusted the distribution process to prevent the Fund from going into a deficit situation in 2013.
  • We simplified, standardized, and modernized the computer systems used by both fund contributors and service.
  • We have a near-zero error rate while subject Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act (Fund Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019).
  • We have had no adverse audit findings.
  • The compensation Rolka Loube receives for administration of the Fund has consistently been less than one-half of one percent (0.5%)—a low administrative cost rate virtually unheard of in fund management.

Our Mission in Action

"I’ve been a full-time freelance captioner for the last 23 years, and I can say, without equivocation, that Rolka Loube stands out. Every single individual within Rolka Loube with whom I’ve worked directly has modeled unparalleled integrity, transparency, and a commitment to accessibility that quite frankly I wish could be cloned. It is clear to me that their strong values have been steeped into their organizational culture. Rolka Loube could be a model of how to work with marginalized groups. As TRS Fund Administrator, they specifically work with the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deafblind communities. They unapologetically work hard to ensure representation on their board; they go above and beyond in terms of ensuring everything they do, both remotely and onsite, and every product they put out is accessible to all. I admire them greatly for their commitment to high standards and equal representation."
Natalie C. Ennis, CRC, RPR
Certified Realtime Captioner
"As a long-serving Council member, it has been a pleasure to work with Rolka Loube on TRS matters. Their willingness to learn about all forms of TRS communication and the related issues is much appreciated and not the norm of what the [iTRS Advisory] Council was accustomed to. Rolka Loube's empathy to the community that depends on the TRS is sincere and appreciated."
Ron Bibler
Principal, Bibler Financial Group
"Rolka Loube exceeds my expectations as an interpreter vendor, and made every effort to integrate our work into the core of the [iTRS] Advisory Council, and make any adjustments necessary to ensure the members of the Council, public, and other stakeholders maintain clear and open lines of communication with Rolka Loube, Commission staff, and among one another."
Anne Leahy, MA, CI/CT, NAD V
Private Practice ASL - English Interpreter