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Rolka Loube is a program management company highly regarded for its integrity, responsiveness, accuracy, and fair prices. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

Learn more about our capabilities through the services we offer below.

Fund Administration Capabilities

We remove the burden of day-to-day program administration, allowing government agencies to focus on the “big picture” policy issues and to meet their statutory duties while remaining within scope and under budget. 

We analyze the competitive status of regulated markets to determine current and forecasted budgets.

We develop rates that allow for fair earnings for utilities that allow for competition – yet protect consumer interests where competition does not exist to ensure fair pricing of services. 

We have partnerships with leading identity validation companies to ensure user eligibility for selected services based on your program requirements.

We consistently provide error-free billing and collecting of contributions to the funds from all obligated entities. We stand prepared to adjust prior collected funds as program requirements change.

We have an in-house audit team that can audit all service providers to ensure program compliance and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

Accounts payable, collecting on delinquent accounts, claims processing, delinquency processing, and dunning.

Public Utilities & Telecommunications Capabilities

Rolka Loube has participated in a wide range of public utilities and telecommunications discussions, as well as policy development over the years. Our team has been instrumental in helping government agencies interpret policy. Let us put that experience and expertise to work for you. 

Our team of experts can draft orders for regulatory policies and put those into actionable steps for your agency.

We employ leaders in the public utilities and telecommunications industry and proudly provide expert testimony on behalf of public agencies.

Our regulatory team can review regulatory proceedings and provide interpretations and recommendations as to how they affect your agency.

IT and Infrastructure

In support of our administrative services, Rolka Loube has a fully staffed, highly trained team of full-stack developers ready to meet all custom application development needs.

Our team of application developers can create fully customized software (billing/collections, customer portal, etc.) utilizing a wide range of technologies, as needed by the client.

Our team of IT experts develops custom database applications to complement traditional accounting, customer service, and identity validation packages used by many agencies.

Our custom applications can be built to integrate with your existing legacy portals.

Our analytic capabilities provide agencies the information they need, including both actual and forecasted, to make educated decisions about program policy with custom visualizations.

We securely maintain customer data and information through our protected infrastructure and physical environments, following strict NIST and FISMA-moderate requirements.

Our team stands ready to support your ongoing technical needs after implementation has ended.

Commitment to Quality

Rolka Loube’s Commitment to quality is one of the attributes that sets us apart. We take great pride in everything we do.

Rolka Loube incorporates strict validation requirements to eliminate fraud. We incorporate program and field audits from the beginning of program administration and monitor their progress until completion to ensure the capabilities of subgrantees. 

We complete an assessment of unserved and underserved areas to ensure that the goals of the IIJA are achieved and waste is minimized. 

We have built in redundancies and a well-trained quality control staff skilled to detect and correct concerns and errors at early stages of program administration. 

Near-zero error rate since 2011 under the requirements of the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act (IPERIA).

No adverse findings from internal and external auditors.

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