State Broadband Initiative

State broadband initiatives

How can Rolka Loube help implement your state’s broadband initiatives?


The passage of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act (Act) brings substantial opportunity for Broadband improvement across the United States. Having reliable partners to assist with the development and challenges associated with managing the implementation of the act will be key to success. Rolka Loube proposes a solution and offers our capabilities to assist at the federal level in the organization, deployment, and administration of this broadband program to ensure a seamless, effective, and managed rollout of the Act.

Business with a Purpose

Rolka Loube has a singular focus: to assist federal and state government entities to administer programs and provide more effective and efficient services while preventing fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds. Our mission motivates us to support government to manage and administer program dollars.


The Act sets forth a series of processes for states to follow which the NTIA must subsequently manage and monitor. We propose and are working towards the development of a platform to perform program management for these activities that would:

  1. Create a tool for both the NTIA and states to manage regulatory processes under the Act
  2. Centralize data for NTIA and the states for program management and reporting, and
  3. Provide a single source of truth for broadband implementation under the Act for program management, reporting, analysis, and auditing purposes.

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Solution Overview

Broadband Program Development: To improve broadband deployment, the government will need to organize a variety of information to meet Act requirements. Rolka Loube can support the NTIA to evaluate, define, and coordinate the construction of this tool to meet these requirements and implement a structure for long-term success.

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