How can Rolka Loube help implement your state’s broadband initiatives?

The passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act brings substantial opportunity for broadband improvement across the United States. Having reliable partners to assist with the development and challenges associated with managing the implementation of the act will be key to success. As an organization dedicated to improving the quality of services provided by the government to the public, our background and experience positions us as the right partner to assist Eligible Entities with the development of deployment plans and application for federal funds.

Business with a Purpose

Rolka Loube has a singular focus: to assist federal and state government entities to administer programs and provide more effective and efficient services while preventing fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds. Our mission motivates us to support government to manage and administer program dollars.

Solutions and Services

Rolka Loube offers solutions and capabilities that can assist Eligible Entities in the organization, deployment, and administration of broadband programs and funds to ensure a seamless and effective rollout of broadband expansion plans.

Identifying all existing broadband activities and funding, planning broadband deployment in un/under-served areas, training all necessary stakeholders, budgeting and justifying planning funds

Providing technical accounting solutions to support government grant distributions, including verification of data submitted in support of payable requests

Constructing and implementing a comprehensive communication plan, coordinating mandated engagement with all stakeholders, and providing appropriate, uniform guidance and standards for the development and submission of grant proposals 

Supervising subgrantees’ projects from inception until completion, ensuring subgrantees remain on task and on schedule, and performing post-award audits to verify grants are being used appropriately and effectively 

Evaluating, coordinating, and outlining relevant activities to construct required broadband program documents such as the Letter of Intent, Request for Planning Funds, Five-Year State Action Plan, State Digital Equity Plan, Initial Proposal,  Final Proposal, and other applications, while adhering to the rules, regulations, requirements of the Act

Reviewing subgrantees’ qualifications and proposals, designing forms and data submissions for subgrantees’ applications and overbuild challenges, developing standards for grant application evaluation, and monitoring subgrantees’ performance throughout the duration of the program 

Engaging our partners, which consist of some of the nation’s top rural broadband network companies, to assist states in evaluating feasibility studies, providing financial modeling, designing, auditing and evaluating the design, engineering and construction of proposed broadband projects

Providing detailed reports on progress, subgrantees’ performance, usage of funds, activity of deployment with locations where broadband service has been improved, and any custom reports requested by Eligible Entities using business intelligence tools  

Interpreting policies, outlining business requirements, and developing necessary tools for effective program administration, implementation, and data collection 

Developing a secure database to collect and store data and reports from appropriate stakeholder groups

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