Getting It Right

It's what we do.

Rolka Loube has a sole focus of helping federal and state government entities successfully administer programs and services with a focus on accessibility for disadvantaged and underserved populations.

We provide a full suite of custom program administration tools and services for our customers. Whether you’re looking for fund administration/management, public utilities expertise or IT and infrastructure solutions, we’ve got you covered. Rolka Loube has more than 20 years of experience, and our leadership team boasts more than 200 years of combined government experience.

Why Rolka Loube?

We offer big company performance with small company customer service.

What We Offer

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Rolka Loube offers a full range of services in support of public utility regulation. Services include forecasting and ratemaking, operations, technical support, audits, program policy advice, consulting, and expert witness testimony. 


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We relieve the burden of day-to-day fund administration, allowing government entities to focus on the “big picture” policy issues and to meet their statutory duties while remaining within scope and under budget.


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In support of our administrative services, Rolka Loube has a fully staffed, highly trained team of full-stack developers ready to meet all custom application development needs.


Now Offering Services for State Broadband Initiatives

We are prepared to offer our full suite of administration tools to states, through leveraging our relationship with other government agencies, including the FCC, to ensure that each state will be able to take full advantage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the funds made available to improve the state’s broadband capabilities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

David W. Rolka, President

"My entire professional career has been predicated on the belief that government is a service institution and I have been committed to improving that service. Rolka Loube was founded based on that challenge."

Dr. Robert Loube, Vice President
"I am very lucky. I am the co-owner of a company dedicated to enhancing the public interest. It is my desire to make sure that our company grows and continues to help government agencies help all Americans."

Sean Bull, Chief Operating Officer

Sean Bull, Chief Operating Officer
"When considering my place as a professional, it is important for me to serve in a role that benefits the community and provides access to individuals that otherwise might be excluded. As a former public servant, it’s important for me to make access to services as easy and understandable as possible for the community. Ensuring that the programs operate efficiently and effectively guarantees that the services are available for those in need."

Mary Beth Osbourne

Mary Beth O'Hara Osborne, General Counsel
"From childhood I was admonished that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ Thus, from the inception of my legal career, I sought positions in public service because I believed it was through that work that I could accomplish the most good. Joining the Rolka Loube team is an extension of my public service efforts because this company seeks to assist government agencies in soundly administering their programs for the benefit of their constituents."